Kickstarter for Haunted Voices now live!

We are pleased as blood punch to announce that the Kickstarter campaign to raise the required costs for Haunted Voices is now live!

Make your pledge here.

Celebrating a rich oral tradition, this project will bring together spoken performance in audio, written text in print and digital, and events and performance opportunities for creatives in Scotland. That’s an audiobook, e-book and print book of Gothic stories!

Scotland has a vibrant tradition of oral storytelling and one that is very much alive and evolving today, though this can be overlooked. Haunted Voices will showcase some of the best oral storytelling and storytellers in Scotland.

Not everyone gets the chance to experience oral storytelling in person. Haunted Voices will bring oral storytelling to new ears and eyes, and into the home. It's a fantastic opportunity for those who can’t attend storytelling events (for whatever reason) and its multiple formats and bundling options will ensure there’s something that works for everyone.

Haunted Voices will include traditional tales told by past masters of storytelling (archived recordings to be licensed from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Scottish Studies) such as Jeannie Robertson, Stanley Robertson, Jean Rodger, Belle Stewart, Betsy Whyte, and Duncan Williamson.

There will also be a rich mix of traditional storytellers and those working across new formats such as spoken word and podcasts:

Our project will be illustrated by the fantastic Zuzanna Kwiecien.

Expect retellings of dark tales from Scotland’s history, performance poetry and narrative prose. Haunted Voices will include monstrous tongue-eaters, shadowy demons, haunted video tapes, wicked priests, strange shapes in the darkness, a retelling of Poe’s The Raven… and more!

Rebecca Wojturska